What makes BabyDogeFamily so strong?

The idea of earn -tokens is to live in symbiosis with popular tokens. Trending tokens are going to help us grow by pulling us with their popularity. Also, we are helping them to grow with our earn -system that automatically purchases their tokens and rewards our holders. This is why we have a great opportunity to create cooperations with huge projects.

$DOGEFAM introduces features that are currently shaping the ‘memecoin’ field: buy-back- and earn system. But much STRONGER and BIGGER as $DOGEFAM earn system is not just one coin, but all the most popular Doge Coins.

At first earn -token will change every 3 days. Later we can have polls as a community, or just go with the most trending token.

New fast and furious movie brought up a popular ‘family’ -meme that is trending on TikTok. This will be utilized for our marketing (for example, TikTok and YouTube promotions)

🔥Fair Launch 3th August at 19:00 UTC!🔥

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