BankerDoge is a DeFi-as-a-Service platform adding DeFi features like staking, time-locking, LP farming, and trustless lending to all BSC tokens.

BankerDoge is a community-driven project that consists of three parts:

  • The $BANKER Token: A redistribution and dynamic buy-back utility token.
  • The Bank Vaults Platform: A decentralized application adding DeFi features to any BSC token. 
  • The Voting Application: A decentralized voting application used for charity donation and governance proposal voting. 

Through the Bank Vaults system, we can provide many cutting-edge cryptocurrency features to existing BSC tokens such as BNB redistribution, auto buyback, and more.

All token vaults will also support the BankerDoge Token through a fee structure explained below.

Why Build A Vault For Your Project?

BankerDoge token vaults are staking systems that can be added to tokens to provide a variety of benefits. Unlike other platforms, our vaults support a variety of modern tokenomics.

Price Benefits:
  •  Token Time Locking: Time locked tokens decrease sell pressure and build a solid price floor by decreasing the supply in the supply/demand formula.
  •  Stronger Price Increases: Decreased supply means that prices will raise even faster when new users buy in.
  •  Sell Resistance: Time locking helps resist negative price movements especially when the market is fluctuating.
Community Benefits:
  •  Diamond Hand Rewards: Locking bonuses and vault fees reward long term holders. This leads to more confidence in the project, which in turn leads to more long term holders.
  •  Social Proof: Locked tokens clearly demonstrate the community’s commitment to the long term vision of your project. APY, TVL and clear rewards also demonstrate legitimacy.
  • Community Engagement: Staking provides holders with a use case for their tokens which will help them stay engaged with the project and community.
  •  Exciting News: Crypto projects need to show constant growth and development to remain relevant. Staking vaults work as an excellent piece of news to keep your community excited and engaged!
Financial Benefits:
  • Project Funding: The adjustable admin fee on our vaults can generate ongoing income for your project.
  • No In House Development Costs: Building a staking system yourself is costly and time consuming. Our vaults save you all that hard work, allowing your to focus on other aspects of your project.
Technical Benefits:
  • Instant Token Utility: Our Vaults add utility and a new use case to existing tokens immediately. This utility makes your token more appealing to new investors.
  • Custom Vault Contracts: Our vault contracts are built to suit the specific technical needs of your project. Take a look at our existing vaults to see some of the custom solutions we create that no one else provides.
  • Smart Contract Security: Testing and external audits are crucial to all DeFi projects. All of our vault contracts undergo 3rd party security audits on a regular basis.
  • And that’s just what’s available at launch!

Every vault that we create also supports the BankerDoge token price and APY!

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