BattleSEAL is an 8bit game tied to a cryptocurrency with associated NFT’s on Binance Smart Chain. It is also a charitable token which will be making donations to various environmental causes.

Who Is BattleSEAL

BattleSeal was born in 1884, in Antartica but emigrated to the UK and fought in both world wars, sometimes against the Nazis, sometimes killing indiscriminately. He received a medal of honor and honorable discharge and retired, returning to Antartica to raise a family.

However his insatiable desire to spill blood still needed to be quenched. As he lay on an iceberg one day ploughing his wife, he saw an orca snatch a pup from the ice and the old battle rage surged up from within. That day he satisfied his bloodlust by slaughtering orcas in their thousands. In their tongue it is called ‘The catastrophe.’

Years went by and BattleSeal fathered many pups. But as the ice caps began to melt around him however, he realised that the real enemy were the filthy globalists pumping pollution into the atmosphere. So he once again donned his camo and picked up his M4 and went hunting the globalists.

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