Bingus Network promotes animal welfare using the Binance Smart Chain. A 1% tax on every transaction is donated to animal charities worldwide. Bingus Platform offers data services freely to animal shelters. The Bingus Community Hub has attracted volunteer game developers for Bingus Run. Bingus Network offers a fun and wholesome investment with creative passive income opportunities.

The first Bingus project, Bingus 1.0, was launched as a small hobby project by ‘Bingus Dev’. As a lover of animals, he simply wanted to make a humble meme token with the potential to do some good. His integrity and honesty were infectious and the project rapidly grew.

Unfortunately, an error in the contract code was discovered. Bingus Dev immediately informed the community and advised everyone to pull their money. Bingus, and Mike Cerisano (‘MJ’), a majority holder in the project, held all the way to the bottom to ensure most people could get out without losing money.

In the aftermath, not only did the community stay together, but it also grew, and fans of Bingus insisted on a relaunch. Bingus Dev and Mike, with the help of an additional contract developer,  relaunched the working coin on April 2nd, 2021. 

Since then, Bingus has donated over $40K to animal charities around the world, and the community continues to grow.

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