For our own success to be real, it must contribute to the success of the community, we are delighted to be the first project which adopts the fully automated multi rewarding mechanisms, such as BTC daily rewarding model, the BME rewarding model, and our BitcoCycle model, the seasonal investment program to reward our community. The BME project believes that BTC is for all People, which means that all people should (equally) have the chance to own BTC. Therefore, we are here to take the first step in making this belief come true.

We aim to build community awareness and knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and change the traditional concepts of trading.

BTC’s future is yet to come. From our understanding of the importance and the added value of blockchain, our ultimate goal (BME community) is to step in and lead the new era of the crypto revolution. BME team believes that we can achieve that goal by educating the community about daily threats such as scam tokens that deceive traders in their daily trading activities. Also, allowing our community to own BTC in their portfolios as rewards in exchange for holding the $BME token.

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