BitVision is a token for a product ecosystem. First of all, it will be used on our NFT trading platform, where everyone can assign a unique token to their in-game item, be it a knife from cs go or an arcana from Dota, you will be able to uniqueize your item as much as possible and always track it. It will also help you protect your items from scammers, because you can always return them if you lose your account. We are a large and friendly team that starts launching our products on the cryptocurrency market. All our contributors receive a% of every transaction they make when trading our token. Also, with each transaction, some of the coins are burned, thereby making them more expensive.
🔥 Burned : 50%
💰 Reward : ALL HOLDERS
✅ White Papper
✅ AirDrop Bot
✅ Liquidity

This is an utility token. BitVision will allow you access to our platforms and services. It will be a key payment instrument on our trading platform, bringing uniqueness to physical and digital products using NFT technologies. Due to this it will be possible to track your unique product and protect yourself from intruders, eradicating fraud among digital commerce.

Purchasing BitVision token, make sure that you understand its purpose. It is designed to pay commission fees and to create non-interchangeable tokens on OUR trading platform. In future our technology will be introduced to all major trading platforms. This is not a « meme » project or an ordinary enterprise, so clients should not expect to receive a profit from the investment if this profit was received through the efforts of other holders. The token is created not to make a big profit and then close the project, but to participate directly in all our projects with a long-term prospect of gradual growth and rewards for all of our holders. We are supported and positively assessed by many large projects. Our token should be considered as a reward system for support and loyalty. It allows access to our business projects, including the creation of non-interchangeable tokens on our own trading platform.

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