The most rewarding SpaceXCake reflection token that doesn’t overtax you – supported and supplemented by the development of solid technology and high quality DApps, charts and more! The first token that believes that the sky is never the limit. Earn SpaceXCake today!

Ali’cia the Adonite’s world was a Utopia – but disease and war had ravaged her world, to the point where all but the most resistant had even the smallest chance of surviving. Wanting to save her people, she has travelled the known universe in her intergalactic ship, searching all around for a cure to the disease and plague that has hit her people. Crash-landing into a SpaceX building on the Sol system’s Earth, she discovers that they too are attempting to touch the stars!

Scanning the earth with Elon’s help reveals that she finally found the answer to her people’s problems – CAKE! By exchanging her advanced technological knowledge for Elon’s resources (mostly an extreme amount of CAKE), she and Elon are preparing for a journey back to Adoni, at the edges of this universe, to bring the cure to her people. Are you ready to join her?

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