Teabag (TBAG) is a TRC-10 token on the Tron network ecosystem – it strives to be the global gold standard ‘pump-and-dump’ token, adding value by: (1) promoting liquidity through volatility, and (2) helping reduce volatility in other legitimate projects.

The slight bias in our logo symbolizes our ambitions to support the further advancement/ progression of the overall cryptocurrency market. 

Volatility is the focus of TBAG, letting traders relieve their stress, anxiety and frustrations by focusing their pump-and-dump efforts towards a single token, TBAG, like a punching bag for the cryptocurrency market.

 Over time, with increasing awareness and adoption (both for Teabag and the wider cryptocurrency market), we endeavour towards an overall upward-trending long-term mean price line on a trailing 60/ 90+ day VWAP. 

Volatility equals liquidity in an overall zero-sum game. Trade responsibly.

Zero. There is no intrinsic value in TBAG other than a release mechanism for investors to pump-and-dump on each other (like dunking a teabag). The value is therefore speculative, an abstract for a hopefully cleaner more stabilised market.

Unlike many cryptocurrencies, TBAG is environmentally friendly as there is no backing technology, no development team, no hopes or dreams, and no drama.

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TBAG/USDT: https://dex-trade.com/spot/trading/TBAGUSDT
TBAG/TRX: https://dex-trade.com/spot/trading/TBAGTRX
TBAG/BNB: https://dex-trade.com/spot/trading/TBAGBNB

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