World of Waves is a crypto token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Like most tokens, World of Waves has a built-in tax that is initiated with every transaction; this transactional tax is 11% and is broken down in the following way: 3.3% is redistributed back to all holders, 3.3% to the liquidity pool and 4.4% to the $WOW charity wallet. As the charity wallet grows, funds are extracted monthly for donations that are voted on by the community and are geared towards ocean conservation and the preservation of aquatic wildlife. The World of Waves team will always be the most transparent developer team in the market with its investors.

If you enjoy earning dividends from company shares, you will be blown away by the BNB earnings that $WOW offers. By holding just 50,000 $WOW, you automatically enroll in the BNB earnings function. Compared to standard company share dividends, $WOW is categorized as high yield and pays out substantially more than your standard dividends. As the price of BNB increases so does the value of your holdings and your wallet. It’s simple, hold $WOW, earn BNB.

$WOW was designed for two major purposes; supporting as many charitable organizations as possible while putting money back in your pocket. In addition to BNB earnings, you can also stake your $WOW for high interest returns. Buy, stake and hold while receiving some of the highest APY rates you’ve ever seen. Staking $WOW is compared to standard banking CD’s except this CD is built into the blockchain and produces upwards of 50% APY on overage. Take your investment to another level while giving to charity at the same time.

At $WOW we understand that one of the most important things is transparency between the development team and community. Weekly AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) are held to strengthen this bond and ensure the community’s concerns are addressed and taken into consideration at executive level meetings. As we strive to make this space more trustworthy and open to the world, our principal team is completely doxxed and our social profiles are available for anyone to visit below.

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